WordWit: The Antidote for Awkward Social Situations?

It’s happened to everyone. It’s that awkward moment when someone says something along the lines of: “Oh yes, I have just got to tell you this funny antidote I heard about monkeys!” We’ve all been there and, depending on the speaker, you either have to refrain from smiling or scowling. You secretly judge them regardless.

We personally never want to be in that situation again! And we certainly don’t want you to be the speaker, ultimately left feeling like an ignoramus. That’s why we developed WordWit.

Let’s conquer difficult pairs like this one together:

An anecdote is an entertaining story. For example, an anecdote about a monkey could relate how one ripped off a car’s antenna as it cruised around a drive-thru zoo. An antidote is something that remedies unwanted effects. If that same monkey bit the driver, a doctor may need to prescribe an antidote for a virus. Got it?

Try these fill-in-the-blanks questions, from the Mastery section of WordWit. You’ll grasp the distinction in a snap.

1) She knew she was in for one of her father’s famous _ when she heard him say “I remember…”
2) The physician gave the child the _ for the poison, and she survived.
3) She was a brilliant storyteller; she could make even the most familiar _ sound fresh.
4) The teacher used plenty of humorous _ in his lessons in order to capture his students’ attention.
5) The _ for sadness is good friends.

Here are the answers:

1) anecdotes 2) antidote 3) anecdote 4) anecdotes 5) antidote

ignoramus: as this word suggests, an ignoramus is an exceedingly ignorant person

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