The Joy of Six: Master 6 Sets of 6 Tricks for Flawless Business Emails
By the end of three hours, you will have learned and retained 6 things every half-hour, and Learned It For Life. If you end up learning and retaining more than that, great! But we guarantee* six. That’s more than most college courses deliver over a whole semester!

At the end of three hours with Ballpoint, you can:
1) Recite 6 parts of speech
2) Master 6 sets of confusing words
3) Integrate 6 key email rules
4) Lose 6 evil habits
5) Pick up 6 punctuation practices
6) Put 6 Psychological Insights to use

Why is our goal to have you writing flawless emails?
Your writing looks as smart as you are, and gets you the results you want:
1) Say what you mean.
2) Get read.
3) Win friends.
4) Impress bosses.
5) Receive awesome responses.
6) Get a hot date!

* How will you know you’ve learned it? Because, you’ll get 100% on the quiz, and at least 80% a month later. You’ll be using these tricks every day, and your emails won’t suck. It’s that easy.